Safe at Home, Inc. offers a variety of services to support those impacted by relationship violence.

Crisis Intervention

We will help you achieve stabilization. By admitting you are in an unhealthy relationship or that you have become a victim to relationship violence, we can then begin to help you recover from the trauma associated with it. We also provide resolutions to any/all needs you might have to ensure you not only overcome relationship violence, but that you don’t ever become a victim again.

Individual Support/Group Support

Know that you are not alone. Support is available to you in two forms- Individually or in a group setting. We want you to know that there are people you can lean on in this time of need.

Protection Order Assistance

By offering protection order assistance, we can help you petition for a protective order against the person bringing harm into your life.

Court Escort

Don’t feel unsafe to attend court dates; we can escort you to and from the courthouse. We will attend the court hearing to ensure correct policies are followed. Such as, you will only be placed in the same room as your abuser when a judge is present. After the hearing has concluded, we will stay with you until we are assured your abuser has left the building.

Interview Attendance

While the case is being built against an abuser, the victim will be expected to attend many interviews with detectives to get the details and facts in order. Once the case is sent to trial, the prosecutor will want to continue to meet with the victim. We understand this can be difficult and will be by your side to make you as comfortable as possible.

Community Education and Awareness

Having proper education on relationship violence is the key to knowing when it is happening. Being able to spot the signs a person will show when they are involved in relationship violence will help those who feel they can’t themselves.

Arrange Emergency Shelter

In situations when immediate housing is needed, we will help arrange that for you.